What Does It Feel Like To Get Braces On?

What are the first steps to getting braces on?

For most patients, getting braces put on takes about 1-2 hours. The process may seem a little unpleasant and worrisome at first, but Orthodontist Dr. Ghosh will make you feel very comfortable with this process. First, Orthodontist Dr. Ghosh will clean and dry your teeth, then he will apply a special glue that holds the brackets on the teeth. The glue doesn’t taste great, but it is completely safe for your mouth. The last thing Orthodontist Dr. Ghosh will do is put the archwires on the brackets and secure everything with elastic bands.

Will The Braces Hurt After They Are On My Teeth?

Your teeth and gums may be a little sore afterwards.  The pain can last for up to a week but it is nothing severe.

What Can I Do To Ease The Soreness and Pain?

If you are really struggling with slight pain after getting your braces on, there are a couple things you can try:
Try to only eat soft foods during the first few days.
Over the counter pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen can help, just be sure to ask a parent before using.Avoid carbonated beverages and the foods listed on your “No-No Foods List” paper.
If you develop mouth sores, do not touch them with your tongue or fingers, you can heal these easily with an oral anesthetic like Orajel.

When Will I Get Used to Having My Braces On?

It normally always depends on the patient, but usually within a month. After 6 months, you probably won’t notice that they are there at all. During that time, you might experience slight pain at different times of having your braces on. This is completely normal! The pain will go away quickly and should not cause any worry. If needed, take an over-the-counter pain reliever with your parents permission.

If you or your child needs to get braces, come to Orthodontist Dr. Ghosh because he understands the anxiety and will do everything possible to make the process pain & stress free. Contact Ghosh Orthodontics at 1-800-DRGHOSH today to set up a free consultation.

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