The Benefits Of Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign has been a revolution for the treatment of many conditions that in the past required braces. Getting a straight, even smile is an important part of getting orthodontia, but getting an even bite alignment is also important. Invisalign can help the wearer to achieve both of these goals for a smile that will give confidence and provide for comfortable chewing. It can be used to treat cross bites, under bites and many other misalignment’s that can cause problems later in life. Because it offers more comfort and convenience over traditional braces, many people opt for this orthodontic treatment to make the treatment period more enjoyable.

Invisalign Provides Invisible Treatment

Because Invisalign is made from clear plastic aligners rather than metal brackets, it’s possible to wear them throughout the treatment without anyone knowing. There are no silver parts that will draw attention to the orthodontia. This makes this type of treatment perfect for anyone who doesn’t want their orthodontia to have a big impact on their looks.

No Food Restrictions

One of the least enjoyable parts of getting traditional braces is the many food restrictions. Most sticky foods, gooey foods and hard foods are off the list because they can be difficult to clean from brackets or may actually knock a bracket from a tooth. With Invisalign, the wearer can eat anything desired and not worry that the orthodontia will be ruined as it is easily removed before eating.

It’s a Comfortable Choice

While metal brackets can cause scratches and irritation inside the mouth, using smooth plastic aligners means that there are no sharp areas to cause irritation. The smooth texture makes these comfortable to wear. The extra level of comfort is often a major advantage for kids who are interested in a straightening method that won’t leave them with rough edges.

The Aligners Can Be Removed

While the clear aligners must be worn most of the time, they can be removed in order to clean the teeth. Cleaning the teeth with metal brackets can be a challenge that comes with a learning curve. But with Invisalign, the aligners can be taken off the teeth completely so that the teeth can be cleaned just the way they normally would be. They can also be removed for special occasions such as school photos or weddings.

Because the aligners are removed for tooth cleaning, there are no discoloration of the teeth that often occur with braces. And, daily tooth care takes less time because there is no elaborate brushing and flossing technique needed.

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