How Early Should Your Child See An Orthodontist?

You know to take your children to the dentist by age one, but did you know you should also take your child to an orthodontist at an early age? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should receive orthodontics treatment by the age of seven for best results. Although seven may seem a bit early to see the orthodontist for evaluation and possible braces, it’s actually the best thing to do if you want to ensure your child has a healthy, beautiful smile. If you’re still concerned, keep reading to learn why this is the recommended age.

Discover Problems Early

By the age of seven, the adult molars have probably made their appearance in your child’s mouth. This is the perfect time for an orthodontist to check the risk of conditions such as an underbite, overbite, or crowding of the teeth. When these problems are detected at an early age, it’s easy to manipulate the jaw and correct the problem before it even happens. With the use of a simple device, we can guide the jaw to align the right way.

Stop Bad Habits Early

It’s normal for young kids to suck their thumbs but when they get to a certain age, it can actually alter the shape of their jaw and cause adult teeth to grow in crooked. If your child is still sucking his/her thumb at seven years old, it might be time to end the habit. By bringing your child in to see us, we can help you thumb sucking and any other potentially damaging habit before it causes permanent damage.

Improve Your Kid’s Self Confidence

Issues with teeth commonly affect one’s self-confidence. If your little one has an overbite or crooked teeth, it’s always a good idea to tackle the problem early. Not only is it easier to treat, but you’re giving your kid a head start on having a healthy, beautiful smile. Your child will also have a boost of confidence knowing that unhealthy teeth are a thing of the past.

Along with the mentioned benefits of early orthodontic care, you’ll love the fact that the earlier you bring your child in, the less it will cost. Since fixing jaw and teeth issues is easier in young children, we’re able to charge less and provide less-complicated treatment plans.

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