Ghosh Orthodontics Celebrates 20 Years In Business

Dr. Sam Ghosh and Staff wish to announce their 20th Business Anniversary! Dr. Ghosh is a very dedicated and skilled orthodontist who received his D.M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the prestigious International Award for academic and clinical excellence. He established his practice in Pottsville, Schuylkill County in 1997 and in Allentown (Lehigh Valley), Lehigh County in 2006.

Dr. Ghosh believes that continual education is the best way to keep up with technological advances made within the orthodontic industry. His entire team takes part in continual education classes to provide patients with the most efficient and highest quality care. His dental team consists of highly trained and educated individuals, many of whom have over a decade worth of experience in the orthodontic field and who – most importantly – love working with our patients.

Orthodontics is a critical specialty field in dentistry, and an orthodontist can help patients with problems such as missing or crowded teeth, spacing problems, overbite, upper front teeth protrusion, and much more. Orthodontics fills a need that many patients may not realize that they have. For example, a patient’s dental midlines might not match. This means that the upper teeth are sticking out too far or the lower teeth aren’t sticking out far enough. Dr. Sam Ghosh and his staff can easily screen you and recommend an appropriate treatment, if needed.

Dr. Ghosh offers a free, no-obligation braces consultation that includes teeth, jaw and gum examination; consultation and assessment (possible x-ray and impressions); treatment options, as well as payment options.  Depending on your circumstances and your preferences, Dr. Ghosh might recommend braces, such as Invisalign, for example, or Damon System Braces or Insignia. Their website,, describes their entire array of braces in detail, and of course, Dr. Ghosh can explain the selection to you clearly. Whether you opt for Invisalign, Insignia, or something else, rest assured that you will be served well by a professional with other 20 years of experience.

As he celebrates his 20th Business Anniversary, Dr. Sam Ghosh is extremely proud of his Community Involvement. Dr. Ghosh, a dedicated professional and involved citizen, not only serves his patients with stellar treatment, but he also gives back to the community in a variety of ways. As well as being an active member of several professional dental organizations, in which he has even assumed leadership roles, Dr. Ghosh is a Chamber of Commerce member and a Past President of the Rotary Club. He is a loving father of three beautiful children who takes an active role in supporting the schools attended by many of his school-age patients. In 2010, in fact, Dr. Ghosh promised to donate $100,000 to the North Schuylkill School District. For the last two decades, Dr. Ghosh has been a prominent member of the community, not only in his professional endeavors, but in his community involvement.

Ghosh Orthodontics serves patients out of three convenient Northeast Pennsylvania locations: Allentown, Lehigh County or Pottsville, Schuylkill County. To schedule your appointment, call 1-855-976-9509 today or Request An Appointment online.

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