Common Orthodontic Problems that Warrant Braces Treatment

Few people are born with a perfect smile. To correct dental issues that may be impacting the role your teeth play in your appearance, common issues may need to be addressed. An orthodontist treatment plan can be customized to correct dental misalignment problems due to conditions like missing teeth and crowding, or dental midlines not matching.


Many people have teeth that have become tilted or twisted. Some teeth may shift over time. In extreme cases, teeth that become loosened due to gaps caused by missing teeth or uneven dental spacing can fall out. Fortunately, orthodontics nowadays offers individualized treatment to fill unsightly gaps and move teeth into better position to help them remain upright. Left untreated, gaps between teeth may cause remaining teeth to drift, compounding the problem. Closing spaces between teeth can be readily treated for long-lasting results.


Not only can teeth be misaligned in the same area of the mouth, such as the lower right back jaw area, but the top and bottom teeth can get out of alignment. This can lead to problems like an overbite, openbite, crossbite, or underbite. Dental midlines unmatched in a person’s mouth can cause discomfort when eating and an uneven smile. Many of these conditions can be improved by treatment with orthodontic braces. Some hardware is clear and less visible to observers. Other types come in colors of the patient’s choice. Patients can discuss preferences with the orthodontic team at the time of treatment.


Patients with upper front teeth protrusion often seek treatment to correct the unsightly problem, feeling self-conscious and sometimes unattractive. Teens and professional adults alike are among the customers who wear dental braces to correct the overbite or other alignment issues associated with this condition. Bringing upper and lower teeth into alignment improves the patient’s overall facial structure and builds confidence in personal appearance.

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