Can Orthodontics help with TMJ?

How Orthodontics Can Benefit TMJ Sufferers
When people think of orthodontics, they often conjure images of pre-teens with braces meant to straighten crooked smiles. However, the fact is that orthodontic treatment has the ability to address a number of other frustrating dental concerns, including temporal mandibular joint disorder, commonly referred to as TMJ.

TMJ disorder is an affliction of the jaw known to produce bite alignment issues for sufferers. The lower jaw (mandible) is meant to rotate as well as slide when speaking and chewing occur. The disturbances characteristic of TMJ can be the result of jaw clenching, tooth grinding and age-related joint and bone deterioration, among other causes.

Symptoms of TMJ tend to be quite uncomfortable, including headaches, pain or soreness in the jaw, facial pain, clicking of the jaw, reduced mobility of the jaw, locking of the jaw joints, generalized earaches, ear dull irritating pain or a searing sharp pain, not to mention excessive wear and tear on the teeth. Untreated TMJ can produce permanent nerve damage in severe cases. Those affected by TMJ often feel exasperated and hopeless about their situation, with the pain becoming almost unbearable.

Fortunately, there are orthodontic treatments that can make a real difference in the lives of those grappling with TMJ. An orthodontic specialist may prescribe the use of appliances such as custom mouthguards to prevent exacerbation of TMJ prior to additional treatment. Orthodontic split treatments are regularly used to relieve pressure on jaw joints and alleviate pain.

Should these more conservative orthodontic techniques fail to provide a comprehensive solution to symptoms of TMJ, braces or even TMJ surgury may be used to restore a proper bite, which in turn will help resolve ongoing problems with pain. Because orthodontic treatment can correct the malocclusion in this way, the temporal mandibular joint can return to its proper place and function as intended.

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