5 Oral Health Reasons to Quit Smoking and Using Tobacco

If you quit smoking now, your Dentist and Orthodontist will thank you. Smoking is a generally unhealthy habit, and is linked to all kinds of illnesses. Not only is smoking an expensive habit, but cost of health and dental care in adults who smoke is outrageous. Here are five oral health reasons to quit using tobacco products:

1. Teeth Discoloration: The tar from cigarette smoke sticks to the teeth, causing discoloration. By quitting smoking, your teeth will whiten naturally over time, creating a more attractive smile.

2. Increased risk of cancer: Adults who smoke or use chewing tobacco have a higher chance of getting throat and mouth cancer.

3. Cleaner mouth and fresher breath: Smoking causes a person’s breath to smell bad, and quitting now will immediately create a cleaner mouth.

4. Taste: The ability to taste food returns after a few weeks of quitting, due to the regeneration of nerve endings in the nose and mouth.

5. Cavities: Adults who smoke are experience twice the amount of tooth loss due to decay than non-smokers, requiring more trips to the dentist and a higher cost of dental care.

The best thing you can do for your oral health and appearance is to stop smoking now. Talk to your doctor about the options available for quitting.


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