5 Benefits of Early Treatment From an Orthodontist

While orthodontic braces have been used since 1800, many people go to an orthodontist only when they start experiencing problems with their teeth. Furthermore, most parents lack an absolute answer of when is the ideal time to seek dental treatment for their kids. The American Association of Orthodontists advocates for a checkup as early as when your child is below 7 years to prevent any problems down the road. The following are five reasons why your child needs to have early orthodontic treatment.

Helps make permanent teeth straight

Dental problems such as malocclusion which include overbite, underbite, and crossbite are frequent occurrences at a young age. Symptoms exhibited by malocclusion include mouth breathing and difficulty when chewing. With early intervention, an orthodontist can solve any dental problems because the jaws of a child are still developing.

Fix an Overbite

When your child’s bottom teeth are invisible while biting food, they might have a pronounced overbite. This is a problem where the lower arch is too recessive and can cause gum irritation. Genetics or poor oral hygiene are common causes of overbite. The traditional method for treating overbites was to wear unattractive headgear. However, professional orthodontists provide remodeling and proper growth of the lower jaw to keep you safe and comfortable.

Correct Crowding

Teeth crowding is one of the main reasons why most kids seek treatment from their local orthodontist. Parents get worried that their child’s jaw is too narrow or small to accommodate permanent teeth that’s why they are overlapping. Early intervention can correct crowding teeth and boost the appearance of your smile which translates to more confidence.

Correct an Underbite

An underbite is when the lower front teeth tend to stick out and make the upper teeth appear invisible. This condition can result in painful jaws and uneven wear of teeth causing them to lose their natural shape. If you notice an underbite in your child, then call our orthodontist team to reduce the risk of oral injury.

Stop Thumb or Tongue Sucking

Habits such as thumb sucking are often considered a regular practice in young children. Some parents even don’t want to stop it because it prevents their kids from crying. If the habits persist beyond elementary school, it can cause crossbite, mouth infections, improper jaw development, speech problems, open bite, and protrusive teeth due to the pressure applied by the thumb. If you are unable to stop your child from sucking their thumb or tongue, then opt for services from Ghosh orthodontics. You can schedule an appointment either through calls or online to get orthodontic solutions to stop prolonged tongue and thumb sucking.

Not every child will need orthodontic treatment at a young age. However, getting a consultation from DR. Ghosh and his team of certified orthodontists will help ensure that you’re doing everything possible to give your child a great smile.

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